What’s next on Zombie Raiders

Hello Raiders!

Since the server crash a few weeks ago, we have been a little absent. But that doesn’t mean the game is halted or dead. In fact, since before the hosting problem we were working on a major update.

What doesn’t kills us, makes us stronger, said the philosopher, and it’s true with ZR. We have figured out ways to avoid it from happening again, and such fixes will be included in the next update as well. We want to make sure to everyone that the development is still running, so I’ll post the main changes for the version 2.2 of Zombie Raiders.

All In-Game: The main change is going to be the account creation and clan administration. It’s no longer via the website, but included into the in-game menus, HUD and scenery elements. Chat, offline messages and more will also be available within the game.

Global User Stash: Players will now have fixed items where they can safely store and fetch their items, found at marketplaces and control points. It will be similar to other games like Diablo’s stash in it’s inner workings, but adapted to ZR.

Sandbox game-play: To return to the origins, we are building a completely new World Map. More similar to the Zombie Raiders Classic gameplay, there will be 4 new regions, each with the same size of the current Territories map, all open for building bases, with a safe PvE zone (marketplaces, global stash, sales NPCs, Clan administration, Travel helicopter) at the center and PvP areas outside. There’s an urban region, a wilderness region, a military base/desert region and an archipelago region. You can travel to and from each region with the same char using the helicopters or across the map borders. Also, a new Outbreak map for the newcomers has been designed, to provide a better on-boarding.

Other than that, some new items and scenery elements were created and adjusted, like the Outpost Bunker. It will replace the territory flags and work as a Global Stash, territory Control Point and some important crafts.

All these changes are requiring a lot of work from the team and might take a few more days to be finished and tested, but we are positive that they will greatly improve the stability, game-play and player experience.

Please keep with us as we prepare to bring you an always improving game. Thanks for the support!

Deonn Team