A New Zombie Raiders Approaches…

Zombie Raiders has certainly had its fair share of changes, modifications, themes, styles and map types, sizes and shapes. Over the past year we treated it as a test field for all kinds of server coding and artistic direction experiments, not to mention changes in the gameplay.

It came to this point when we are splitting the game production and use the ZR brand as it’s original purpose: A post-apocalypse zombie simulation that tends to a more realistic survivalism sandbox rather than a linear objective-based gameplay, just like the ZR Classic used to be.


As for the official new Zombie Raiders version, we are already starting the closed test server and will soon be released for everyone.

This website will work as a quick game guide where you can learn the best way to play Zombie Raiders.

The current version, however, is planned to be re-launched as another title and theme, depending on the demand for it.

More illustrations, screenshots and game information will be added periodically.

Go here for the old forum.